What we do at Freom

Freom provides custom database development using the latest Microsoft SQL Server platform for websites as well as mobile web applications.
Designing systems to obtain and optimise your business online is our goal.

First we listen to your requirements, we then analyse the user’s needs, progressing onto designing, constructing and testing programs to meet your specifications. We keep you/the customer informed at each step and liaise to make sure the design comes in on time and budget. This is quite a juggling act at times with different people working on the same project at the same time. Software system design is an art and we believe we do it well.

Analysing what a customer needs, keeping in mind cost and time constraints are also something we are practised in achieving. We continually adapt to new technologies to improve our performance in this regard.

We don’t try to be all things to all people as we are sure to crash and burn, we do what we do and we do it well. The same way when we are asked about off-the-shelf products, we all know they never just fit perfectly as they are not written with you in mind. All businesses have their own little nuances; their own way of doing things; that’s what make you, you.

Database Design & Architecture

Database architecture uses programming languages such as structured query language (SQL) to design a particular type of software for businesses, clubs or organizations this includes the design and implementation of computer programs. To achieve our goals, we at Freom use a combination of communication, problem solving and analytical skills with a dash of being detail orientated to get the job done and to the satisfaction of the client.

Database architecture describes the organization of all database objects and how they work together through a set of rules and processes. This affects scalability, performance and reliability and this where Freom’s many years of practical experience comes in to play.

Most end-users know little or nothing about any existence of the database and yet it is the most time consuming and important piece of the puzzle when programming and the most powerful component of your application. Everything relies on the database to be just right.

Cloud Hosting Solutions

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Software Consulting

Freom has many years’ experience in problem solving and logical thinking, so adding software consultant to our list of skills was a no-brainer. We have gained practical experience in the development of various custom web-based applications since starting in 1999. While we do this for our clients we are also happy to evaluate software and IT products to help software applications run more efficiently that are already in place.