Microsoft Outlook 2019

This section will teach you how to add an email address to Outlook 2019.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2019

When the window pops up, enter your full email address.

To configure the outgoing and incoming mail server settings, click Advanced options,select the Let me set up my account manually box, and click Connect.

2. Configure Your IMAP or POP Settings

On the Advanced setup panel, you’ll be asked to pick your account type.

Choose between POP or IMAP. If you use more than one device to access the email account, we recommend selecting IMAP.

On the IMAP Account Settings page, fill in the Incoming mail and Outgoing mail fields with the hostnames and port numbers of your mail servers. Then, choose SSL/TLS as the Encryption method for incoming mail and click Next.

3. Finalize Your Setup

Enter the password for your email, click Connect, and wait for the process to finish.

If an error message appears, click on Change Account Settings to go back to the previous screen. Once there, double-check the settings.

If the information you entered is correct, the window below will open to let you know that the email account was added successfully. Click Done to view your mailbox.

Now, you can start using Outlook to send and receive emails. Here’s what the interface looks like:

To add additional email accounts, go to File and click Add account. Then, follow the same steps as before.

Microsoft Outlook 2016

To configure Microsoft Outlook 2016, follow the guide below.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2016

After opening the program for the first time, a welcome screen will pop up. Click Next to proceed with the setup.

Then, tick Yes and click Next once again.

On the Add Account page, choose the option Manual setup or additional server types and select Next.

2. Configure the POP or IMAP and SMTP servers

Choose POP or IMAP and click Next to proceed.

On the POP and IMAP Account Settings page, enter your name and full email address.

Under Server Information, click on the Account Type drop-down menu and choose POP or IMAP – we will select IMAP in this step.

Fill in both Incoming mail server and Outgoing mail server (SMTP) fields with the mail server hostnames.

Then, enter your email address once again in the User Name field along with the password, and click on the More Settings button.

On the next popup window, click on the Outgoing Server tab. Tick My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and select Use same settings as my incoming mail server.

Then, click on the Advanced tab. Type your port numbers in the Incoming server (IMAP) and Outgoing server (SMTP) fields.

Under Incoming server (IMAP), click on the Use the following type of encrypted connection drop-down menu and choose the SSL encryption. Click OK.

Once you’re back on the Add Account page, click Next to proceed.

3. Finalizing the Setup

Outlook will try to connect to your incoming mail server and verify the settings.

It will display a message similar to the one below if it succeeds. Click Close to continue.

Another window saying that the setup process has finished will appear. Click Finish.

Now, you can start using your email account. Here’s what the Microsoft Outlook 2016 interface looks like: